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Arcane Roots Landslide Tour Reviews

Think Tank?, Newcastle

"Emily Denton provided guest vocals on opening track of the night ‘Before Me (Over)’ and towards the end of the night with the aforementioned ‘Rouen.’ Her vocals compliment that of Groves and the audience feel every single note!"

"Emily Denton also rejoins for Rouen from their 2012 album Left Fire, which originally is a lot heavier than we witness on this night. This version with Emily on vocals is hypnotic that it makes you wonder if you really want to go really want to go back to the original version."

Hoxton Hall, London

"First act Emily Denton, a close friend of the band, nervously performed a beautiful set. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a keyboard, she led the room through five delicate tracks, rendering the crowd completely silent. A natural performer she might not be, but a natural talent she is."


Arcane Roots Landslide EP Reviews

"I always enjoy well-crafted duets, and the one in “Before Me” with guest singer Emily Denton makes the song much more powerful, despite it lacking the drums which bring the original to its climax. The song is really refreshing and makes you feel hopeful for a new day, whilst also forcing a sense of sadness and remorse."

"Just take the new track Before Me (Over) for an example of that, in which a lonely piano line pits Groves against Emily Denton’s equally gorgeous vocals as the strings and synths begin to bleed in."

"As per the original album ‘Before Me (Over)’ opens the EP with guest vocals from Emily Denton, and opens with an atmospheric piano piece and vocalist Andrew Groves providing a beautiful vocal before Denton joins the fray and the Electronica influence begins in the back ground, culminating in two stunning voices singing to the complex backing before returning back to the stripped back style in the beginning."

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